Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photo Fun, Part II

Here are the most recent additions to our version of the fun photo scenes from the previous post.

Again, let me know if you have any suggestions for other scenes to create!

Picture Fun

Baby G-O is just so much fun!  She is such a smiler, it melts our hearts.  We love how happy she is all the time and we try to capture it in pictures as often as we can.  I'm always looking for inspiration pictures to use as a guide for getting those precious moments.  Usually I look at family portraits or baby portraits and try to reproduce them with my point-and-shoot digital camera.  It actually works out pretty well.  Until about a week ago, all the pictures I was looking at were glamorous or vintage inspired shots using the likes of Instagram to filter.  That was until I saw a series of pictures on Pinterest that stopped me in my tracks.  (By the way...if you've never heard of Pinterest, look it up by clicking here.  It's pretty much awesome.)

So, anyhow, while perusing Pinterest, I stumbled upon this:

(Picture via toxicat on 9GAG)

What an AMAZING idea!!!

So, now I have set out to duplicate a few and also come up with some scenes of my own creation--with Baby G-O both awake or sleeping in the pictures.  I just can't help but try to catch her smiling or making one of her adorable facial expressions while she's awake.  Still, I'm sure I'll snap some of these pictures while our precious little one is zonked out.  We started out with the surfing picture over Memorial Day weekend.  Here's how our version came out:

Then, just to jazz it up even more, I Instagram'd it:

Now I'm working on turning my little angel into an astronaut and a butterfly.  Stay tuned as I post the results of upcoming photo shoots/scenes.

And if you have an idea for a scene to share, leave a comment.  Maybe you'll see your suggestion turn up in a future post.  Be sure that it's something that can be created using various common household items like clothing, table cloths, sheets, etc.