Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mini Pancake Muffins

I like pancakes.  And, really...who doesn't?

What I don't like is flipping pancakes, trying to find a way to keep them all warm without getting soggy, or else letting others eat while you keep cooking.

THEN, I stumbled upon Bakerella's recipe for mini pancake MUFFINS.

That's right.


This is an amazing idea.  No more flipping!

I have to admit, though, I didn't take the time to make my pancake batter from scratch like she did.  Being a new mom, sleep and time are both elusive, and I don't want to try and measure out ingredients first thing in the morning.  Perhaps I will in a few months (or years), but for now, I just jazzed up a pancake mix we have in the cupboard.

This is seriously easy, folks.  All I used was pancake mix, water, and mini chocolate chips.  This go 'round I also added chopped walnuts (not pictured).

Just stir up your pancake batter to the consistency you like and divide evenly in a mini muffin pan.  (BTW, make sure you generously spray your pan beforehand with non-stick spray...just to make life easier once they're baked.  Trust me on this one.)

Bake in a preheated oven for 8-9 minutes and PRESTO!  You now have mini pancake muffins. 

You know, I like the sound of pancake poppers or pancake dippers.  That's essentially what you do with them if you don't add sweets.  Pour yourself a little ramekin of syrup and dunk away.  How easy is that?!

Three Months Old!

Baby G-O, you have amazed Mommy & Daddy with each breath you have taken and with each new skill you develop.  You have surpassed our wildest dreams and we fall more in love with you each day.

You have spoiled us rotten with your smiles.  We have ultrasound pictures of you smiling at 20 weeks gestation and pictures of you smiling since you were two days old.  Many people told us it was just gas, but we've since discovered that's not true with you.  You just smile all the time and you do it socially.  You've been smiling at us (with recognition) since May 5th.  You weren't even one month old, yet you would smile when you saw Mommy talking to you.

Now, you smile ALL THE TIME--and we LOVE IT!

It's hard to snap pictures when you're not smiling.  You don't quite recognize the camera yet, so you're not smiling for that.  You smile the most when you lock eyes with someone.  It's the most precious thing.

Now, at three months old, you giggle and you recognize your hands and your feet.  You play back with me and you are starting to reach for your toys.  You can roll over, but usually when you're not trying.  You're beginning to cut teeth (poor baby!) which is no fun.  Daddy was an early teether, so we're gearing up for this new development.  You're so tall, which is also from Daddy.  You've got strong legs, like Mommy, and you like standing up.  Sometimes Mommy can let go of you with one hand and you stand on her lap all by yourself.  You like sitting up with a couple pillows propping you up and you hold your head up like a champ.

You're also discovering your voice now--and how much volume you have.  While walking through the store the other day you decided to demonstrate your vocal range for everyone in the entire store.  A woman complimented me by saying you've got great pipes.  You weren't crying, just showing off your newly discovered skill.  Albeit loud, it is still adorable.

All-in-all, we love you, Darling!  And we are so very proud of you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Beach

If you know me well, you know I'm a beach baby.  I went to the beach regularly with my parents since I was an infant.
Well, now we're starting that trend with Baby G-O.
I think she likes it--just like Mommy!