Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Weather

I love the changing seasons.  I love it when holiday time hits, the weather calms to a chilly 65 degrees or lower, it's time to pull out the flannel sheets, hot chocolate and apple cider, and cuddle up with your loved ones.

I don't love this SoCal weather schizophrenia.

Already we've bounced back and forth from chilly and dreary rains, being curled up in layers of blankets and snuggled in front of the fireplace, to 97-100 degree days without a cloud in sight.  This has been going on from week to week since mid-October.


It's cooler this week (THANK YOU JESUS!) but I'm nowhere near placing any bets that it will stay this way.  All this flippity-flopping makes for a ripe cold and flu season.  People are pumping the heat to buzzing the AC, slurping down ice cold drinks to sipping piping hot lattes, cozying up in jackets and scarves to strolling in shorts and tank tops.  Geez!

Please let the weather stay mild from here on out.  Pretty, pretty please?

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  1. I completely agree with you, Liza. It's horrible. I want to put away summer clothes and make room for winter ones in my closet, but I don't dare start that chore until I'm absolutely positive that the weather is going to get cold and stay that way. GRR!

    Love you, my friend! I am going to try to call you tonight. Hug!