Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Okay, so I'm 15 weeks pregnant as of today and both of us keep getting asked if I've had any crazy cravings yet.  Honestly, I don't think so.  Talking with some of my friends, they've craved things like lemonade, snickers, red meat, ice cream, pickles, etc.

Me???  Nothing special.

This is where my hubby and I differ.  What he calls a craving has so far been for me a once-in-a-while, this-food-sounds-least-likely-to-be-thrown-up-while-still-providing-the-baby-with-some-nutrients-it-needs food.  It's not that I really have a taste for something.  It just sounds like I might stand a chance of keeping it down.

For example, so far this baby detests fruit.  Every fruit I've eaten (apples, melons, berries...) has come up within 30 minutes.  Still, I know this baby needs fruit.  So, last week, with it finally feeling more like autumn and the holiday season, I figured, "Well, maybe a piece of fruit pie will stick."  My husband considers this a craving.  I requested that he pick up a razzleberry pie from Marie Callendar's since all pies are on sale this month, but I also gave him the freedom to get pumpkin, apple, blueberry, etc.  So he proceeds to tell other guys that I had a "craving" for a specific pie.  Not really.  I love this or just about any fruit pie whether or not I'm pregnant and I haven't desired to have it regularly.  Heck, it's been days and we still haven't finished the pie yet.  I just figured it was worth giving a shot to see if I can somehow get some fruit to the baby.  And guess what?  It hasn't come back up yet.  AND I haven't been possessive over the pie.  We each have a piece together.  Just like we used to.

Now, in the early weeks of pregnancy, I couldn't stomach anything.  The only things I could hold down with any success were blueberry or banana nut muffins or things made with potatoes (mashed, hash browns, etc).  Now, this too I do not consider a craving.  THIS I considered desperation.  These were the only things that remained in my stomach reliably so I ate them just about all day, each day.  Again, I figured at least there were some bits of fresh fruit and nuts or root veggies in them...tons of sugar, but I think you get my drift.  They were starchy...and starches have a better chance of staying in a whirly-whirl tummy.

This has been hard.


If you know me, you know that I LOVE FOOD.

For the last several weeks...I DETEST FOOD.  No fun.

I feel like I'm finally getting to a place where I can eat somewhat regularly again.  So don't fret, even though it has been a struggle I have been eating my veggies and meats and dairies throughout.  I'm simply saying that despite my best efforts most of them never stayed down.  I kept at it regardless.

Now, back to my definition of cravings versus my husband's.  Last week, my precious hubby was lamenting over how long it's been since we've had Mexican food.  Believe you me, it's been a long time.  It's normally a staple in our home.  He begged me to return to our little taco shop as soon as I was able to handle it.

Flash to this last Sunday.

We were sitting in church when I became pretty nauseous because it had been several hours since I had eaten breakfast and baby was yelling for food.  I actually felt pretty brave, so I leaned over and asked if we could get burritos at said taco shop after church.  He said yes.
He may call this a craving, too.  I call it pleasing the hubster while also trying to get some decent grub to our little bun in the oven.  I managed to eat and KEEP DOWN a fish burrito made with grilled white fish, lettuce, tomato, avocado, fresh salsa, beans, and rice.  Hallelujah!  Oh, Mexican food, how I've missed thee.  That burrito tasted sooooo gooooood!  It has been over three and a half months since this mouth savored any fresh salsa because it was just plain too risky to attempt.  I felt pretty proud of myself.  It helped that this was a healthy and light burrito--not one dripping with fat or grease.
So, now, I might call this a craving.  Maybe.  Only maybe.  This was one of the first meals that made me feel somewhat normal again and I can't wait to have another one because of it.  It made me feel human again--not possessed by some alien trying to take over my body.  Plus, it was jam-packed with things that are great for baby, healthy for mommy, and pleasing to daddy.  It didn't hurt that it actually tasted great.  It had flavor by-golly!  After months of bland and boring food, this was a triumph!

Is this really a craving?  I dunno.  From the moms I've talked to, this doesn't seem like it.  Maybe my body isn't lacking any nutrients.  I mean, I'd been taking prenatal vitamins for MONTHS before getting preggers and I always ate a diversity of proteins, dairies, grains, vegetables, and fruits.

From what I can tell, cravings are distinct and consistent...something you want often and with regularity.  I haven't had that yet.  I may want something on a whim, but again it's usually because we're out, I see it, and it sounds like it has a great chance of actually being fully digested.

So, chime in.  Am I having cravings?  Or am I simply surviving and trying to get this little one to thrive?  Did you or your wife have any cravings?  What were they?


  1. So cute to read all this. :)
    It seems more like desperation to eat anything that stays in! I am glad its gotten better, and it only will!
    I craved orange juice all my preg with Amber, but being 17 and having very very little medical care-I had no idea it was causing the horrible pain in my chest/throat...come to find out in month 7 or so that I had heartburn and the Mylanta I drank straight from the bottle cured my ails! :)
    With Alli-I had the 1 time cravings....fudge, cheesecake, pancakes- I ate 1 piece and that was it, but the severe need I had to eat it was overwhelming!
    I will continue to pray for you and this amazing journey, what a blessing to chronicle it like this.
    Bless you all. :)

  2. I don't think you are having cravings, ha, this, by the way, was a pretty fun read ;) I had no symptoms my whole pregnancy (well, except for about one week of heart burn in about the 7th month and cankles by the 8th). I didn't have cravings either; truth be told, I've always had cravings. Oh, and I've always taken afternoon naps; so no REAL change throughout my pregnancy, haha. Great memories ;) enjoy it, it's a miracle from God!