Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I've been totally MIA for the last six months.

I got caught up in life, lost track of time, and just plain got lazy.  I also got too wrapped up in other social media...but I've recently trimmed the fat on that one.

I admit it...I'm actually not sorry.

Why, you ask?

Because I've been soaking up every single minute with my new little family.

Time flies when you have a baby.  Seriously.  You sit and wonder where the time is going even as you sit with your precious child in your arms and marvel at how a baby can change and grow with each blink you take.

So, then, naturally, you try not to blink.  But you can't really do that because your eyes dry up.  Then they water uncontrollably to moisten them again.  And then that turns in to crying because you can't believe that you just let your eyes get so full of tears and made your vision so blurry that you missed a few more precious seconds.

Oh, wait...

Is that just me?

Ok...not really, but you get the point.  Still, you truly sit in awe of how quickly your helpless and needy little babe suddenly became this force of nature, grasping for every shred of independence s/he can get, and is no longer your itty, bitty baby.  Instead you now have a little person full of spunk, energy, personality, and a will of his or her own.

It's pretty incredible.

So, that's my reasoning behind the six month absence from the blogosphere.  Not an excuse...because I don't need one.  Just take it as more of an FYI.

And look forward to a new Wednesday series beginning--you guessed it--Wednesday!

See you then.

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