Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Nope, not talking about the home.  I'm talking about me.  Time to clear out the muck and get out of the doldrums (inactivity, that is).  Winter hibernation is over--especially in Southern California--and it's time to get out!

Albeit, before spring had actually sprung, last Friday I had the pleasure of getting out in the sunshine with a couple friends for a walk.  It was lovely.  I guess I hadn't realized how ready I was to get back outdoors after all of the rain and cold.  Again, of course, this is SoCal, so it never really got that bad.  However, read the old post on rain indoors and I think you'll understand that it was a rough season for US.

So now, I am eager to get out to the beach, go on hikes, bust out the bikes, and just get out.  I hope to see you out there, too!

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