Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 Things You May Not Know...

...about me.  Okay, I got this off the LPM blog.  Beth Moore got it from an airline magazine and thought it was a neat idea.  I have to say that I agree.

I'll give my answers, but I sincerely hope that you will share yours with me, too!  What better way to get to know my already great friends?  So, here goes:

1. I once had a blurb printed about me in Women's Health Magazine.  It was several years ago and this is probably the first time many of you are finding out about it...
2. I have a mixed ethnicity that includes American, Native American, Dutch, German, Nicaraguan, Mayan, and Italian, although I most identify with American culture based on my upbringing.
3. My favorite movie is The Labyrinth with David Bowie.  As a kid I watched it a million times.  I even have the soundtrack.
4. My mood and the seasons dictate my taste in clothing, accessories, and home decor.  I can be athletic, trendy, contemporary, classic, formal, casual, plain, bold, feminine, boyish, and everything in between.
5. I don't make the bed every day.
6. I can't stand black licorice, anise, fennel, or anything else that tastes or smells like black licorice.  Makes me gag just thinking about it.
7. Even though I'm a great student I doubt my talents and abilities ALL THE TIME.  I struggle to believe I could teach anyone anything or be an expert at something.
8. I used to play pick-up basketball games with a bunch of guys in college and would surprise newcomers with my outside shot.
9. I love of scarves and hats.  They're pretty much my favorite accessories ever.
10. I heart paper, pens, and lists, like colored index cards and colored pens.  Dunno why...just always liked them.

Okay, so that's my off-the-cuff list.  There's much more I could add, and maybe I will in the future.  But now...NOW you need to share your lists.  What are some things I might not know about you?  Leave me a comment list.  I can't wait to hear from you!  Oh, and Seth, you should do this post, too. :)

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