Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Miscellany - Courageous

The Mr. and I rented the movie "Courageous" the other night and we were really moved by it.  Being new parents and all, it really struck home.  While it's not a popular idea in our society, the core message of the movie rings true: Every child needs a dad.  Each man who fathers a child has an obligation to raise, protect, and provide for that child and the child's mother.

Secular research has shown that children raised without a father (or a loving father) are incredibly more likely to become engaged in criminal activity.  It's not surprising to think that children who have been abused or abandoned would lash out in their adolescent and adult lives to cope with the pain and betrayal they were taught to accept as normal.  My heart breaks--absolutely BREAKS--for every child who has ever been a victim of abuse in any form.

Men, it is your duty to love, raise, lead, protect, and provide for your children.  The first step in doing that is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.  Seek Him and His ways and you will have all the resources you need to fulfill your duty as a father.

My hubby takes his role as a husband and as a father with the utmost seriousness.  I can't tell you how blessed we are by that.  He seeks the Lord in everything and he has such a heart for me and for our little girl.  I know that I am beyond fortunate to have such a loving man.  Believe me, I thank God for him every single day and I am humbled by God's grace and mercy to have blessed me with such a wonderful husband and friend!

Ok, ok...that's enough out of me.  I encourage you to rent / buy / watch "Courageous".  It's available at most Redbox locations.  If you do, tell me what you thought of it.

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