Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Friday--catching up

The last time I posted any pictures of our little G-O baby on here, she had just turned three months old.  She's now nine months old.  Didn't I mention how time FLIES???

What follows is a super quick photo recap of the last six months.

Four months old:
We dedicated our little miracle at church.  What a blessing! (Photos taken by Jorge Rodriguez)

Five months old:
Football season began and we truly fell in love with her expressive eyes.

Six months old:
Family portrait time! (Photos taken by Cross Eyed Photography)

Seven months old:
DISNEYLAND!  (She also took a photo with Santa at Disneyland for her Grannie Bug.)

Eight months old:
Christmas.  The birth of our Savior. :) And TEETH are visible (she cut her 1st at 6 mo., but you started to see it in pictures around now).

Nine months old:
Welcome 2012! Crawling, and standing, and cruising...oh my!

She's growing up so fast!

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